General Foot Care

A wide variety of ailments of the foot and ankle are treated by qualified podiatrists. For many years, people have chosen podiatrists to provide relief from painful corns and calluses, plantar's warts and ingrown nails.

Sports Medicine

Dr. Gibbons can empathize with those individuals having sports-related injuries because he was a varsity football player and an athletic trainer at the University of Delaware. His combination of an aggressive hands-on approach to rehabilitation, along with an understanding of biomechanics of the athlete's foot function during his/her sport is the unique approach Dr. Gibbons uses to return the athlete to his/her sport as quickly as possible. The principles of sports medicine are not only beneficial to the competitive athlete, but also to participants of fitness exercises, such as aerobic dance, jogging and walking.


Dr. Gibbons is Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery and a Fellow of the American College of Foot Surgeons. Dr. Gibbons had the privilege of being surgically trained at Germantown Hospital and Medical Center, with rotations out of University of Pennsylvania Hospital and Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia. There are recent advances in procedures and techniques that allow Board Certified surgically trained podiatrists to correct deformities such as hammertoes, bunions and heel spurs. Some of these procedures are non to minimally invasive such as endoscopic plantar fascia release, extra corporeal shock wave for heel spur syndrome, absorbable pins and screws for bone surgery, and pulse dye and aura lasers for warts and vascular lesion including spider veins. Dr. Gibbons uses these techniques whenever possible to eliminate painful symptoms. Another advantage is the x-rays are taken right at the office.

Pediatric Foot Care

All children under the age of three (3) years old are given a free foot and leg evaluation. The younger the better. The earlier a foot deformity is treated the higher the success rate. Children do exceptionally well with conservative treatment. So parents don't wonder whether your child's feet are normal. Bring them in for a free checkup.


All diabetics should have their feet routinely checked and cared for by a podiatrist. Diabetes can have a devastating effect on the feet. The key to managing diabetic foot problems is prevention. Let Dr. Gibbons show you how. Dr. Gibbons has years of experience in wound care management.

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